Kat McTee (artist + teacher)
Carole began her project with satin stitch.Cortney chose long and short stitch for her peony petals.Caitlin stitched this John Lennon drawing as a gift for her boyfriend!A gift stitched by Maggie to celebrate a friend's engagement.Kat's work in progress.seed-stitched color wheelKat's seed stitchingplaying with stitched formsKate's stitchingcloseup on Kate's workKate stitching onto a silk dupioni backgroundadding feather stitchcloth + ink jet-printed fabric + stitchesadding embroidery stitches to a quilt topstitching onto printed fabricexploring various stitches, freeform stylestitchingfrench knots are your friendsfreeform embroideryfreeform embroiderytracing to create a pattern for stitchinga window makes a nifty light boxsometimes, the most effective color scheme is neutralwhiteworkstitched cat portrait in progressEmbroidery IIEmbroidery II -- Jenny stitchingEmbroidery II -- Sara experimenting with stitches
After you've mastered basic stitches, the possibilities are endless! But that can be daunting.

This class is designed to help students get a good start on stitching a complete original project of their choice. Some people start with commercial iron-on patterns, others start with a favorite drawing or piece of clip art, still others take a photograph of a pet or person and transfer it to cloth for stitching. It's also a chance to review basic stitches that didn't quite register the first time around, learn new, more complex stitches, and investigate different types of transfer processes.

Five students, one 3.5 hour class. $45.
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This class meets at Stitch Lab.

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