Kat McTee (artist + teacher)
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current work
This series incorporates various techniques I've learned and developed in more than ten years working with textiles: screenprinting, dye, image transfer, resists, embroidery, and encaustic.

The inspiration for the series is lifelong.

When I was young, we traveled extensively in the American West. The empty spaces of desert and long-distance vistas felt like home to me then, even while their immensity scared me some.

I remember mountains in the distance, telegraph lines stretching into infinity. A string of lights, small against the big dark sky.

These landscapes are disappearing, more and more, as the sky is perpetually lit. Towns blend together on the highway, without punctuation. The countryside is full, but somehow emptier.

I suppose that in a way, this work is about that rich nothingness that's lost now, except to memory.