Kat McTee (artist + teacher)
lantana in full bloom at the ArtportKat painting a screen
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The creative process is a struggle sometimes. It can be hard to "make time" for making art. The joy of solving creative problems is only part of the overall cycle of inspiration-insight-roadblock-despair-insight-panic-insight-relief! There's some pain there. But learning to sit with those open questions, to puzzle over them without giving up, is so deeply satisfying that the discomfort of not-knowing falls away. This is something that art has taught me, and I'm grateful.

Learning that you’re not the only one who feels stuck in a swampy rut, and leaning on one another while you wash away the muck, can help you start doing the work you’re meant to do, without the same guilt and doubt. It’s about developing habits and rituals that work for you, and keeping the fire of encouragement burning to fuel you as you Make.

Creative Incubator groups meet for 2.5 hours every two weeks, and we interact between meetings via private Facebook groups and/or e-mail.
We share our stories and set goals, discuss our frustrations and blocks, and do guided group activities when we meet in person. I act as guide and facilitator, and work with each person individually to help them invent the creative tools that work for them.

Group size is limited to four ‘incubationists’, and each group meets for three calendar months.

Total fee: $300, with installment and barter options available.
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e-mail me or message me on the contact page if you're interested in forming or joining an Incubator group.