Kat McTee (artist + teacher)
Cheryl matched and mixed the colors in this flower....and this octopus print!Jodie with her final project.Maggie worked with a Gauguin print.Laura with her final work: she identified the colors in an artwork, matched them in paper, and then mixed the colors in gouache!Color 101Color 101Color 101a fabric print can be a great source of color inspirationLynell identified and mixed these colorsidentified and mixedexercise: identify and mix the colors in an image that inspires youcolor wheels
Explore the color wheel, learn the fundamentals of color theory and color mixing through hands-on exercises, and make color work for you! Whether you’re an artist, designer, decorator, or simply an art lover, mastering color principles and vocabulary can add depth to your work, and change the way you see your everyday environment.

6 students per class, three four-hour classes
$120 (with an additional $15 fee for supplies provided, payable to the instructor in class)
Materials List

This class meets at Stitch Lab.

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