Kat McTee (artist + teacher)
overdyediscussing dyed fabricreviewing dyed clothwax-resisted fabrics waiting for overdyekeeping careful records of dyeing and overdyeing is a great way to make your own custom dye reference notebook!taking swatches of dyed fabric samples to use in a dye notebook -- a great reference for future workthe wax potusing rubber bands as resist.  obsessiveness pays, where art is concerned!working with wax resistapplying soy wax resist to dyed fabric, using a tjantingdye canistersapplying soy wax resistobsessiveness pays, sometimes!lemon yellow dyed fabric, twisted, clamped and ready for a complementary-color overdye in purplesky blue dyed fabric, once more rubber-banded with glass marbles inside...freezer paper squares waiting to be ironed onto fabric....flowers cut from freezer paper, waiting to be ironed onto dyed cotton and rolled over with thickened dye...ironing down freezer paper resist before dyeing!dyed cloth with freezer paper resist applied, waiting for dye...after the resist and dye are applied, remove the freezer paper to reveal the new pattern on the cloth... it's like magic!freezer paper resist applied to white cotton......resist awaiting the iron...freezer paper resist on cotton, rolled over with thickened dye...
Spring series 2013:
Saturday, April 6

Take your dyed fabric to a new level of beauty and complexity using applied resists (media that are brushed, stamped, stenciled or screened on) and overdyeing.

We will begin with dyed fabric (procion dyed cloth and/or commercial or thrifted cloth) and explore the dye color wheel through structured exercises and freewheeling exploration. You will add to your body of dyeing knowledge, and also create more reference swatches for later work, while learning how the different primaries and mixtures of Procion dye colors interact.

Five students,
one four-hour class.
$60 per class
($300 for six-class series)
Next class:
Dye Printing

This class meets at Kat's home studio.
Materials list and map provided upon registration.

Download registration form here.