Kat McTee (artist + teacher)
Diana, stamping.Diana's finished stamped fabric!so much fun...focused on carvingNew stamps, printed with fabric paint!stamp collection!Carving a stampStamps in the makingcarving a stamptesting stampsa wee housechocolate donut!carving awaystudents carvingbunny food?Leonor's precolumbian bunny stampworkbox full of hand-carved stampsErika, carving.Jaci, carving.a beautiful bowit's useful to test stamps as we carve them...gluing stamps to a plexiglass support makes them easy to place where you want them while stamping...tree stamp detailtree stamp, stampedbig robot!robots in space!fancy medallions
It's surprisingly gratifying to make your own tools. It's like making a piece of art, and using it to make more art! Neat!

Learn how to use linoleum tools and X-Acto knives to carve stamps for printing on textiles and/or paper. I'll share samples of many different types of stamp blocks for you to try, and talk about the pros and cons of different materials. Then, we'll have plenty of carving time.

You can use stamps to print on fabrics, garments, wrapping paper, stationery, even the walls! You’ll leave class with several handmade stamps and plenty of information on how to use and care for them.

No experience necessary, just the willingness to experiment.

Five students, one four-hour class
this class meets at Stitch Lab

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